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Keeping kids safe with innovative solutions

Keeping your child safe is important to everyone at Holland Bloorview. Our goal is to identify safety issues before harm can arise and to make the safe thing to do the easy thing to do. Through our Caring Safely program and in collaboration with major pediatric centres, we prioritize safety through evidence-based care.

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This year, we launched two new initiatives to enhance the safety of children during their time at Holland Bloorview and beyond.

  1. Safer tube connectors with ENFit

    Last spring we led an initiative of Ontario’s children’s hospitals to introduce ENFit feeding tube equipment across all of our organizations. The new connector is designed to ensure mealtime and medication administration is as safe as possible for kids that are fed through a tube. ENFit also helps prevent potentially fatal misconnections.

    This patient safety initiative was endorsed by all the children’s hospitals who together adopted the device in January 2023.

    Read what experts have to say about the importance of this change and its impact on the health and safety of clients and families.

  2. Health record that paints the whole picture

    In September Holland Bloorview launched a new electronic health record (EHR) management system in partnership with SickKids and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). This new EHR is designed to share key client information between three of the largest stand-alone pediatric hospitals in Canada.

    Since the first phase of the launch, 804 patient records were shared, including data on allergies, diagnosis, vital signs, lab reports and diagnostic imaging reports.

    We’re excited to see the system continue to improve the safety of our clients and families through increased communication between hospitals.

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